it's more familiar to me than my own smell because I don't notice my own, if I even have a smell of my own. buy levitra online Next day was Friday, another early work day, levitra coupon so I had to wake Chubby up for bed immediately after the generic levitra online game. He was groggy during our goodnight hug so I took advantage and kissed the side of his head. No comment from him, but I know he knows I generic levitra kissed him. Jeez, I love that boy. Nice ass too, as I watched him plod up the steps to his online levitra condo above mine. DYLAN'S DILEMMA PART generic levitra 12 Chapter two Next morning I got only a wave from Chubby as buy levitra he ran down the steps heading off to work. He was still doing the brown-noser routine of being the first one levitra generic there each morning. I guess Rickie finally got his wish levitra online of having Chubby jumping through hoops for him. My day should start off very nicely because Robbie and I are beginning a new morning routine. We've decided it's cool to make out every morning for a few minutes in the old locker levitra online section before our massages. Yep, that's what I said... yesterday we promised each other this would be a daily levitra generic occurrence, making out with levitra 20 each other. Seemed an excellent way to start the day off on the right foot. levitra 20 mg I had an uneventful trip in to generic vardenafil work, avoided everyone getting back to the locker room, anxious to see Robbie. levitra 20mg There he was, as cute as a bug. After saying good morning, Robbie nodded his head toward the old locker section in back and mumbled, "ya still wanna... you know... make out?" I said, "If you do..." We went way back in the locker room and made out in a hot and frenzied way levitra generic getting spit all levitra 20mg around our mouths, noses and buy levitra chins. His saliva has the most subtle taste of clear, bubbly, freshness. levitra coupon This morning, when we both had boners, Robbie whispered that he loved me and although I'd contemplated love myself, I said again that it was much too soon for us to be in love. Still, I liked hearing the words. While making out I was wondering... who smells better, levitra generic Robbie or Chubby? Answer, Willie. Ha ha. levitra 20mg No, they all smell different, but Chubby's is my favorite because it's the one I know the best and the longest. Maybe Willie's is the sexiest though, or is it Robbie's? I'll do a generic levitra online test tomorrow when I finally see Willie again, it's been a levitra 20 long two weeks without him. A long two weeks recently helped along quite a bit vardenafil by vardenafil Robbie who has done wonders for my horniness... oh man! has he ever. We'd planned on only a quick make-out and after buy levitra online three or four minutes we online levitra somehow stopped, breathing hard, buy levitra hearts beating fast, and smiled while nodding our heads that this was indeed a good idea. levitra 20 Back at Robbie's locker we had our coffees generic levitra online and did massages on each other like we always do. Our morning make-out kinda satisfied us for the time online levitra being and allowed us to concentrate on the massages. It was levitra 20 a good plan and mostly worked, but we turn each other on so there were still a few sexy kisses mixed in generic levitra with the massage. We've been telling ourselves continually how much fun it is buy levitra online to screw-around with each other as if maybe we both needed reassurance the other is still excited by it all. It's buy levitra a dream come true is what Robbie says... me too. What I really need though, sometime soon, is a long time together with Robbie, alone... just him and me so we can have our sex buy levitra online and then have long discussions about our relationship. We hardly ever have time alone to just talk. We really need to do that. Here's another good thing, Joel left before lunch. He'll be gone for the weekend, gone to wherever it is he needed to go. I still don't know why the original "over nighter" together was cancelled. vardenafil Anyway, no Joel for the rest of today and no levitra 20mg Joel on Saturday, so, like I said, that's a good thing. It was a hard day on the job vardenafil though, two huge lawns generic levitra online in the afternoon were situated on hills and that's a bitch for us guys levitra 20 mg on foot. The ride-on-mower guys don't like it much either because of the danger of flipping over levitra 20 mg on the levitra online mowers. After work Robbie and I were tired, but we still did half hearted massages and a little kiss goodbye as his parents made a quick exit tonight. I generic vardenafil was excited about going with Chubby this evening to our first drivers training meeting and as soon as I got home I hurriedly generic levitra made dinner for the two of us. Tonight a quickie meal... big ham and cheese sandwiches with my Mom's great potato salad on the side and large V8 drinks as our vegetable. Quick showers, and then we made the generic levitra online bus that left us off close to the high school. That's where our drivers training classes were conducted. At first levitra 20 mg it was boring! Very boring, and then after break it was levitra coupon generic vardenafil horrific! Very horrific! They made us watch video of traffic fatalities that the police levitra online had taken of teenagers bodies mangled and broken from accidents they'd been in... blood and gore all online levitra over the highways. Two kids threw-up part way through the video and a girl feinted. It was a somber group of driver trainees that trooped out of class that first night. Chubby and I made solemn promises to generic vardenafil each other: always wear seat belts, never drink and drive, and never speed... ever. We both knew we weren't going to be able to keep our solem promises in the long run, but we meant them tonight. Monday we'll be out on the road with the bitchy lady instructor. We're gonna need to be polite to levitra coupon her no matter what, or she might not pass us. Kissing some serious ass during those driver training sessions is definitely in order, that's what Chubby said anyway. At home there was a text message from Willie "OUT TONIGHT...I'LL GET YOU SAT 7PM...LUV YA, W" I was excited, but I really wanted to talk with him on the phone. Well, at least I'll be on a date with him tomorrow night. At work the next day I even told